Help, I keep accidentally building shelves,I CAN’T STOP!!!!?

I try to make a sandwich BOOM shelf I try to read a book BOOM shelf I try to drink orange juice BOOM shelf I try to write this description BOOM shelf I’ve already built 300 shelves in the past 4 days HELP!

Worked for Jesus. And look what he achieved.

Open a shelving company and become a multi millionaire or go to a physician this is a form of disease called acidbuilashelvisides u will most likely have to be heavily sedated and medicated in order to control the shelving outbursts. Hope u get help and fix/embrace this problem

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Eat it! The sandwich is obviously disguising itself as a shelf in order to not be eaten. Same with the orange juice that does not want to be drank and the book that wishes not to be read, etc…

Stop having a shelf ƒᴇtıꜱɦ!!

Well… I can’t help you, but I do need a, err, “sandwich” built next to my duvet…

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Lol I’ve heard this before, what is this from?

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well mabye if you wern’t so shelfish it would stop

Lol make a business out of it.

buy a horse


Batman Pegasus I know you arent that dumb! (I really do know her)

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