What is the ariat lucky flowers anti-mild sticker for?

I reveived a pair of ariat winter paddock boots for Christmas, with the boots was a square sticker that says Lucky Flowers Anti-Mold Sticker. I have come to the conclusion that this is to prevent mold… but what am i supposed to do with it?

I looked into this as well when I purchased a pair of Ariat boots a month ago. From what I understand, Ariat puts them in their box to prevent mold from growing. The stickers are only for the storage of the boots. Once you take them out of the box and start wearing them, you don’t need the stickers any more unless you store your boots in the box. I threw mine away. To keep mold from growing on your boots after you wear the, keep them clean and away from moisture.

Anti Mold

I don t think these answers are correct because the backing is still attached to the sticker in the box

to prevent mold or moisture. you can throw it away once you take it out of the box

Another form of silica or just used for shipping purposes

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