Different between .002 cents and .002 dollars?

Is it just me or am i wrong, i am still confused can someone explain what they are talking about, i wanna know who was right? if 35,000 kb/s time .002 cents is what kinda bill?

The difference? One is in cents and one is in dollars. I haven’t listened to the entire phone conversation, but from what I understand, the man was charged .002 dollars per kilobyte transferred, instead of .002 cents per kilobyte. By your 35,000 kilobytes figure, we find the following amounts:

35000 * 0.002 cents = 70 cents (What he should have been charged?)
35000 * 0.002 dollars = 70 dollars (What he actually was charged?)

The difference being $69.30, a rather significant discrepancy.

I’m not going to watch a 22 minute 54 second video to try and figure out what you are talking about, but I will answer the question in bold.

.002 dollars is 100 times as great as .002 cents.

.002 dollars is 2/10ths of a cent
.002 cents is 2/1000ths of a cent

yes there is a difference becuse .002 cents is 2/1000 of 1 and .002 is 2/1000 of 100

You’re right, there’s definitely a difference in .002 cents and .002 dollars. They probably made a mistake and meant .002 dollar per kilobyte.

There is no difference between .002 cents and .002 dollars. They are both clearly .002

Source(s): Works as Customer Service Representative at Verizon

Answer 6

It comes down to conversion factors. Some people don’t get it. The caller is correct, but at 19:30 he is still fighting a losing battle. I’ll stick it out. I hope they give their rep’s some training.

Answer 7

.002 is the same as .002 dollars

wish i could help you out some to understand, but i can’t see the video. it fast forwards so i really can’t see anything and then to top it off my sound isn’t working. sorry

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