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A large number of non-programmers are more comfortable in working with decimal numbers than hexadecimal numbers. Even programmers prefer decimal values in many contexts. It is very less common that users need adaptation to a hexadecimal output from one program to a decimal input for another program otherwise in majority of the cases hexadecimal to decimal conversion is required. 

In other words there is a huge requirement of conversion from hexadecimal to decimal values. To serve the purpose, here is a some of the free hex to decimal converter.

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LambdaTest Hex to Decimal Converter 

LambdaTest is a cloud based testing that  allows you to perform manual and automation testing on 3000+ real browsers and operating systems. It also offers free online tools to convert hexadecimal values to decimal values. The hexadecimal number system—also called base-16—functions virtually identically to the decimal and binary systems. Instead of a base of 10 or 2, respectively, it uses a base of 16. Hex uses 16 digits, including 0-9 as in the decimal system, and letters A, B, C, D, E, and F to represent the numbers 10-15. 

To convert a hexadecimal number to decimal, the base 16 is used. First, the hexadecimal digit is multiplied by 16’s power for each number of digits in a row, starting with 0 on the right and progressing to the right. Once all digits are multiplied, the numbers are added together.

Codebeautify Hex to Decimal Converter

CodeBeautify is an online code beautifier and code formatter that allows users to beautify their source code. It also provides lots of tools that help to save developers time. The online platform provides an option or platform to convert hexadecimal values to decimal values. The platform is equipped with the facility of either typing the value as input or loading of any file as an attachment or even loading of URL. Thus, there are multiple methods available for the input of values. Similarly, on the other hand the output can be copied to clipboard or even can be downloaded to the system. Thus, the platform provides an interactive interface for the operation.

DupliChecker Hex to Decimal Converter

DupliChecker, another online platform that supports conversion of hexadecimal values to decimal values. The online console provides the facility of either typing the value as input or loading the file as an attachment. The result can directly be copied to the clipboard or can even be downloaded in ‘txt’ format i.e. a notepad file. The interface also provides a ‘Start New Conversation’ tab button to refresh for the new value. 


OnlineHexTools is an online platform that supports the conversion of hexadecimal inputs to decimal outputs. The only thing users need to do is that they just need to load their hex numbers into the console window and it will automatically get converted to decimal numbers. The portal is also adfree and does not disturb with any kind of popups or messages thereby resulting in fast execution. The interface provides a tab ‘Import from file’ which means that the interface supports attachment of file as an input while on the other hand the output section provides the facility of chaining the output with server or to any other number system. Both input and output sections are equipped with the mechanism of ‘Save as’ and ‘Copy to clipboard’ option. 

Keycdn Tools

The online web portal of Keycdn Tools begins with an introduction of hexadecimal system and decimal system in brief. The online converter of Keycdn tools comes with the facility of not only conversion from hexadecimal value to decimal value but also reflects the output in binary format as well. The online web portal provides a facility of 14 days free trial but after 14 days there is a concept of pricing for the users. 


The RapidTables is an online interface that supports the conversion of hexadecimal values into decimal values. The interface is very concise and crisp in nature. Starting at the top the interface provides a drop down list to select the number system in ‘From’ and ‘To’ section. Secondly, the interface comes up with a box to input value for the chosen number system. Below the input section, the availability of three tabs i.e. ‘Convert’ , ‘Reset’ and ‘Swap’ complete the input section. 

The interface provides multiple sections below for further results like ‘Decimal from signed 2’s complement’ followed by a section for binary output and even a box for showing the calculation steps. Thus, it provides a simple yet mathematical interface.

The ‘’ is an online tool that also provides hexadecimal to decimal conversion platforms. The interface of the platform is interactive and provides the user with suggestions of conversion in other number systems and formats. Instead of a drop down menu, the portal reflects suggestions in the form of sliding tabs. Rest, it is simple to use and user-friendly in nature. The tool is free to use and does not require any kind of signup. 

Atatus Hex to Decimal Converter

‘Atatus’ is an online platform that provides hexadecimal to decimal converter tools freely without any kind of registration or signup. The online portal provides a tab for sample data. Besides this, the interface also provides support for file attachment as input. The tool also comes up with a unique option of ‘Show Settings’ that reflects options such as Line Number , Line Wrap and Dark Mode. These options are a mechanism to add customization to the interface. At the end, the tool also has tabs for ‘Convert’ , ‘Clear’ , ‘Copy’ and ‘Download’.


‘neaPay’ is an online platform that provides the service for payment solutions. Besides this, the web portal also offers free converter service. The portal provides the facility to convert hexadecimal values into decimal values but the interface of the portal is not very interactive like others. Although having details on how to convert hexadecimal to decimal value, the interface looks dull without any customizability option. 


The ‘PrePostSeo’ is another online tool that provides the facility to convert hexadecimal values into decimal values. Like other platforms, the tool provides an option for loading of sample data along with gaining output’s signed 2’s complement , binary number and steps of calculation besides reflecting decimal value as an output.  But one note to mention here is that the tools disturbs the operation with ads and pop-ups which sometimes become a disturbing cause for the users. 


The ‘BinaryHexConveter’ is an online platform that is simple and straightforward in nature. The tool only provides an option to convert the input value to decimal value and another swap option. Although the page is equipped with ads it does not hinder the work with pop-ups and messages. Moreover, the page provides a very detailed description of the conversion mechanism from hexadecimal value to decimal value along with a table. Lastly, the web portal provides a comment section for the users to submit their feedback. 

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