Does anybody know a silencer for Gamo big cat?

That air gun is sooo loud. It’s almost like a .22 rimfire rifle.

There is NO lawful reason to have any type of silencer on any type of gun, that is owned by a private citizen.
if your toy gun is too loud, maybe you need to get rid of it & get yourself a squirt gun ( water ). they are really quiet.

you are worried about the cops knocking on your door, because your toy is too loud ?

just think, if you do build a silencer & you get reported, you won’t need to worry about the cops any longer, it will be the B A T F, that will come knocking

This Site Might Help You.

Does anybody know a silencer for Gamo big cat?
That air gun is sooo loud. It’s almost like a .22 rimfire rifle.
I need to have silencer for it so our neighbors won’t worry or disturbed because I have air rifle which looks like real and sounds like real and is too loud.
Don’t want them cops to knock at the door (because of some…

O.K., now that the experts answered your question, here’s
my answer. There is now way to totally quite the gun down. The sound comes from the spring in the gun recoiling, some of it comes from the muzzle, but not much. Adding a suppressor won’t do anything but make it look cooler and give you a handle for c̫o̫ςκing. A full tune will make it shoot smoother and a bit quieter. Changing the stock spring to a Maccari spring, adding better fitting spring guides, deburring and polishing the compression chamber, maybe changing the piston seal, and removing all factory moly and tar and using Maccari Ӏմҍҽs will make a big difference on how the gun shoots and sounds. But making, or using a suppersor won’t do diddly squat. All of my guns are tuned and don’t sound like stock factory guns. LOUD. If you don’t know how to tune it, send it to a pro air gun tuner. There are several throuout the U.S., but they’re not cheap.

Source(s): Air gunning many years

First of all it is illegal to posses a suppressor without a class 3 license. It is illegal for anyone to manufacture such a device.

But I can help

My sons gamo is as loud as a .22, which really surprised me. The gun itself is not whats making the noise, its the pellet breaking the sound barrier which produces the loud ƈɾąƈƙ.

At 1,200fps is 819mph, the sound barrier is at 770 mph.

At 1,100fps is 749mph. So all you have to do is drop the pellets speed by 100fps and you no longer have the loud ƈɾąƈƙ.

How can you do this? Use a pellet that has a heavier weight. Simple as that, I swear it works and my math is correct. I really got into this with my sons airgun. Fun stuff

Source(s): Dont believe me that its the pellet breaking the sound barrier?
Dry fire it, hear the loud ƈɾąƈƙ..NO
Get heavier pellets… hear the loud ƈɾąƈƙ.. NO
You can spend all kinds of money for no results. Or you can buy a $5 tin of pellets of a higher weight.
I know exactly what I am talking about.

This is ąղąӀ of me, but there’s no such thing as a silencer. No gun can be *completely* silenced, the term is suppressor.

Depending on how old you are, if you have access so some place you can build something of the same material as your barrel is made from, it is possible to build a suppressor for it. It would also be less dangerous since you are only dealing with pellets/bbs and not explosions.

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In the UK, you can get a “silencer” because it is taken as being considerate of your neighbors. In the USA it is a felony to own, use or make a silencer without a federal license.

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