Deliver to the Park for the Perfect Pizza Picnic

No food suits every single occasion quite like pizza. In the office, after a fun night on the town or in the middle of the week, pizza is sure to improve anyone’s outlook. True pizza pioneers know that convenient pizza delivery near me fits every situation, so why not order pizza for a picnic in the park? Branch out beyond home delivery to create the perfect afternoon getaway, boosting your mood with sunshine, fresh air and even fresher pizza. 

Pizza In the Park

Traditional picnic foods can be finicky to prepare and pack. Even the basic sandwich is prone to the dreaded warm mayo syndrome. Any food that doesn’t get eaten during a picnic is frustrating to keep an eye on or bring home.

Pizza in the park solves these problems by being delicious and easy to store as leftovers. Simply bring a few strong plastic containers, and you can easily bundle any leftover pizza to take home. You also cut out the bulk of picnic prep, which is preparing food, packing it and driving it to the part. Let the pizza place set up a picnic for you by setting the park as your delivery zone.

Scheduled Delivery

Planning a day at the park involves more work than many people think. Sunscreen, toys and games and water bottles don’t pack themselves. Friends’ and family’s schedules also have to align, and it’s not always easy to find the perfect picnic spot. Take one major item off your to-do list by opting for scheduled pizza delivery. 

With scheduled delivery, you can set a predetermined time for the pizzas to arrive at your picnic in the park. That way, there’s no waiting around after ordering and wondering when the pizzas will arrive. Use scheduled delivery as the anchor for planning a fun outdoor excursion, and be sure to use pizza coupons for the best deal.

Park Pizza Party Tips

The first essential tip for ordering pizza at the park is to enter the park itself as the delivery location. Don’t try to plug in the nearest building or home. Pizza delivery technology has advanced to the point where parks, playgrounds, beaches and hiking trails are all valid delivery locations in pizza chain apps and online. 

The proper topping configuration for a pizza party is an ongoing, heated debate. Simple cheese and pepperoni options are favorites for a reason, but a park pizza party is the perfect occasion to introduce more variety. Choose a daring and fun pizza like a cheesesteak, sausage and peppers or buffalo chicken pie to level up your spread. A veggie lover’s pizza should also join the ranks of standard options, both for its healthy kick and as a non-cheese option for vegetarians. 

Family meal deals make volume ordering affordable. Even though a day at the park isn’t exactly roughing it in nature, it’s frustrating to run out of pizza without many food options around. Order one pizza for every two to three guests, and in the worst-case scenario, you’ll have leftovers for the next day or a delicious midnight snack. 

The only thing better than a day at the park is a pizza party at the park. Set a location and time for delivery and let pizza professionals handle the rest.

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