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Driver’s License Background Check: What You Need to Know

Background checks continue to be common in the interconnected modern world. One such background check is a driver’s license check. These types of background checks verify information about your driving records, and some will include additional information.

Read on to learn more about driver’s license background checks and how they work.

What Is a Driver’s License Background Check?

A driver’s license background check is a type of background check that’s similar to a criminal background check. However, the difference is that these background checks focus more on driving records than criminal ones. 

These background checks are common in several industries and may be useful alongside criminal background checks depending on the type of job. Many companies will use a traditional background check, and sometimes a regular background check will include driving records.

What Information Is Included Within a Driver’s License Background Check?

Driver’s license background checks are known as driving record searches. While you won’t find someone’s license online—unless they post it there—it’s possible to learn about someone’s driving records.

Within a driving records search, you’ll learn the following:

  • Court cases about driving
  • Traffic violations
  • The nature of traffic violations
  • How many traffic violations occur within a given period
  • Outstanding speeding or reckless driving tickets
  • Criminal records if the crime was committed within a vehicle
  • Fines
  • License suspensions
  • License classifications
  • Driving status
  • Endorsements

Depending on your driving, more or less information may appear on a driving records check.

Can You Find Someone’s Driver’s License Online?

No, you can’t find someone’s driver’s license number online because it’s not always a public record. However, some people may post their driver’s license, and that’s possible to find. Still, this is not something you should rely on during a background check. 

In some cases, jobs will require you to submit your license before applying, which is used in a background check. Keep in mind that these are mostly for jobs that require government work. Other jobs requiring you to submit a license include driving a bus or CDL-based jobs.

What Jobs Require Driving Records Searches?

Several jobs will require a driving records search. Ultimately, the jobs that require one pertain to driving a vehicle for work. Some jobs that will check your driving records include, but are not limited to:

  • Driving a school bus
  • Driving a public transportation bus
  • Operating a truck
  • Heavy machinery operation
  • Driving in general

Jobs that require you to operate a vehicle will check your driving records to ensure you’re a good fit.

How to Perform a Driving Records Search?

Several methods will help you do a driving records search. If you’re curious about what will show up on your report, we recommend starting with a people search engine. They’re the best tools to learn more about someone’s driving records. While you can use social media and Google to find records, it’s not always a reliable method.

What’s the Best People Search Engine?

The best people search engine is It’s the best people search engine because it provides you with the most information. In fact, it combines records from criminal background checks, public records, and driving records.

Some examples of information you’ll find with include the following:

  • Dating profiles
  • Social media accounts
  • Traffic records
  • Traffic violations
  • Criminal background
  • Court records
  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Addresses (past and present)
  • Sex offender status’s reverse email search tool is also one of the easiest people search tools to use, although they have several lookup options. All you need is someone’s name, phone number, email address, or physical address. In fact, a combination of all this information is even better for specific results.

Final Thoughts

Background checks cover a lot of topics, and there are specific types of driving records. While finding a license online is impossible, you’ll learn a lot about yourself and your driving record when you use’s background check tool. Before applying to jobs requiring driving a vehicle, we recommend looking up your records. It will help you prepare for interviews and questions about your driving abilities. 

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