why can’t I get into JT’S blocks on yahoo games?

went to play jt’s blocks tonight because I needed to unwind and yahoo will not load the game up for me what gives?hubby said he had the same problem.any help would be appreciated

If you have installed IE8 that would be one reason, Yahoo has a message on the game page that IE8 is not optimized at this time to use with most Yahoo parlor games, and to return to your prior version. It also might need Java updated.

Yahoo Games Jt Blocks

About two years ago when Yahoo dropped Chat rooms some Yahoo games were eliminated also.. I miss it greatly because it worked with your Yahoo Messenger. You could see others scores ,type to them and have fun.. It showed your scores, totals.daily monthly ,total. The new one does nothing .. grrrrrrrr

i what jt blocks back to leard love it

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