Uraboku season 2,Dissapointed with ep 25?

okay,im a big uraboku fan but sometimes the show really annoys me coz Yuki is asways saying he has to protect everyone and i think he shude just toughen up more but i put all that to one side without thinking coz i was waiting for the dramatic ending…….where was that ending,it allmost didnt make sence,Yuki realeses him power and then he wakes up in bed,for some reason Reiga just stoped fighting and thought “coz Yuki has passed out maybe we shude just leave”,Yuki dosent remember any more of his memories and everyone is all to happy and its all to “cliche” and i forgot there wasnt really a ending,it ended without a ending,is it meant to mean the same thing as before is going to happern agein

Hm, Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru only has 24 episodes.

Trust me when I say that you are not the only person extremely disappointed with the ending to Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru. Some people believe that the crappy unresolved ending foreshadows a second season – however, there is no OFFICIAL news of a second season.

Uraboku Season 2

Yes, I feel that L knew. I mean, L gave off this vibe that kind of hung thick –> to me it seemed as if L knew all along that eventually he would die at the hands of Kira, however I don’t think he could have realized how true that was going to be. I’m sure that L still suspected Light and Misa, even if it was 1% — since as he stated, 1% was still not 0% >> However, he also did trust them, maybe against his better judgement, but he just wanted friends and he might have thought that sticking close to them might give him some proof to whether they were Kira or not… Anyways, I’m sure L knew he was going to die, but when and where — I don’t think so. I was very surprised and sad when L died, he was such an awesome character and I always thought that he would bring Light to justice…. =(

I want season 2

You see
For me, Reiga is in love with Yuki, like Luka. The way it ends.. hm… I liked, but could be more there. I hope for a season 2 like you T.T

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