Why am i craving apple juice?

I’ve been craving apple juice here lately which is weird because I never have cravings. I must be deficient on something so I was wondering what vitamins and/or minerals are in apples.

general calories

Organic apple juice also provides:
vitamins C and B6

I was craving a R/C helicopter and I got one cause I can. Humans can have random cravings, it’s normal. Just know what’s important and what’s not. If you want apple juice, go get some. You could be just thirsty and in the mood for apple juice.

You can both need to go and get some or eat an apple, you ought to satisfy your cravings if they are healthy ones, your body is telling you that you just need it, but in the event you crave a cake it might imply that you want some sugar or fats, choose something fitter…!!

Haha… you goober, apple juice is mostly suger. And there is no nutritional value in apply juice.

Eat an apple if you want nutrients.

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