which of the following titles is correctly punctuated?

a. Poem: ‘Nostalgia,’ by Billy Collins

This smacks of homework. The idea is for you to learn it, not for strangers online to prove they understand the rules for punctuation and capitalization, which we do.

You edit to tell us what you think the correct answers are and why, and maybe someone will tell you whether you’re right. If you’re wrong, I hope they’ll tell you why without telling you the correct answer.

I’m such a dreamer.

question 1- C Magazine titles are capitilized- articles are in quotation marks.

question 2- A Names, street names, & city and state are capitilized. If it had said New York Central Park then that would be capitilized because it names the park.

Source(s): ELA teacher

i think of that’s assume to be Mark Twain. yet besides. Ever on condition that I examine Mark Twins, “the guy That Corrupted Hadleyburg”, I surely have had an interest in satire. yet another of my favorites from Mark Twins is “the thank you to tell a narrative”.

Sentences a. and c. are correct. All sentences are capitalized correctly

Punctuation : It is “D”
Sentences : It is also “D”

Answer Prime

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