where are the emails after pressing backspace key under the new outlook mail (preview) environment?

If you are using the new Outlook Mail (Preview) environment and you accidentally press the backspace key while composing an email, you may wonder where your email has gone. This can be a frustrating experience, especially if you have spent a lot of time crafting your message. However, there is no need to panic as your email is not lost forever.

Here are some possible solutions to help you retrieve your email after pressing the backspace key:

1. Check your Drafts folder: When you press the backspace key, your email is automatically saved as a draft. To find your email, go to the Drafts folder and look for the email you were composing. You can then open it and continue editing.

2. Use the Undo feature: If you press the backspace key by mistake, you can use the Undo feature to bring back your email. Simply press Ctrl+Z or click on the Undo button in the toolbar to undo your last action.

3. Enable AutoSave: To avoid losing your email in the future, you can enable the AutoSave feature in Outlook Mail. This will automatically save your email as a draft every few minutes, so you don’t have to worry about losing your work.

4. Contact Microsoft Support: If none of the above solutions work, you can contact Microsoft Support for further assistance. They may be able to help you recover your lost email.

In conclusion, pressing the backspace key while composing an email in the new Outlook Mail (Preview) environment can be a frustrating experience. However, by checking your Drafts folder, using the Undo feature, enabling AutoSave, or contacting Microsoft Support, you can retrieve your email and continue working on it.


In conclusion, I hope that the solutions provided were helpful in retrieving your lost email after pressing the backspace key in the new Outlook Mail (Preview) environment. Remember to always check your Drafts folder, use the Undo feature, and enable AutoSave to avoid losing your work in the future. If you encounter any further issues, do not hesitate to contact Microsoft Support for assistance.

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