What is the theoretical yield for this reaction under the given conditions?

Express your answer numerically in grams.

To answer the question, you must first establish the limiting reagent. to do that, convert the reactants to moles.
1.44/2.014 = 0.715 mol H2
10.5/28.013 = 0.375 mol N2
since you need 3 times the H2 as you do N2, H2 is the limiting reactant (0.715 mol of H2 will react with 0.238 mol N2)

following the chemical equation, you can produce 0.476 mol of NH3, which is 0.476*17.028= 8.11 grams, which is the theoretical yield.

the percent yield is the actual yield divided by the theoretical yield, in this case, 1.33/8.11 = 16.4%

Source(s): Way too much chemistry. note that I didn’t observe the proper number of significant figures throughout, but the answer has the proper number and is correct.

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