What is “it’s gonna be a good day tater” from?

One of my friend’s dad always used to say “it’s gonna be a good day tater” and “they call me tater salad.”

This is from Ron White and the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.
He has a stand-up act with this in it.he says it like 20 times.

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Its from the part of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour when Ron White (nicknamed “Tater”) was doing a bit about his Bull Dog. He said that he likes to mess with his dog by sticking m&m’s and stuff in the dog’s lips while he’s sleeping so when he wakes up and is pleasantly surprised, Ron imagines the dog to be saying to him, “It’s gonna be a good day, Tater.” It’s pretty funny.

The Tater Salad thing is from when he was a teenager and he was arrested for the first time and the cops asked him if he had any aliases. He thought it was a stupid question so he said, “Yeah, they call me Tater Salad,” to be funny. Years later when he was arrested for something little again they said “are you Ron White, aka Tater Salad?” It’s funny that the first cop even took him seriously and wrote it down. Now everyone just calls him Tater.

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Ron White of the Blue Collar comedy tour fame. They call me tater salad is one of his bits.

Gonna Be A Good Day


it’s possible he’s referring to a stand up comedian, Ron White.
One of his shows was called “They Call me “Tater Salad” ”

I suppose the line itself comes from that show.

Mike Dennis.

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it is from a comedy routine by Ron White (blue collar comedy tour)

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