what is Forcevite ?

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in Suicide Squad, there is a scene where Harley Quinn is strapped to a wheelchair type thing and one of the main GCPD dudes that is guarding her is seen drawing thick, white liquid into a needle and on the can it says “Forcevite” then he either injects it into her neck or puts it in a tube going into her nose…I can’t remember. just wondering what Forcevite is and what it does ??

actually that was a nasogastric feeding through the nose. It is given in the patients not able to take feed orally due to medical reasons, so through the tube it is directly injected to the stomach or even to the small intestine. This method is also used in psychiatric patients not feeding from days or prisoners on starvation strikes. So, obviously some amount of force needed and it is pretty much the same style as depicted many time. In India, british colonials also used the same method to break the starvation strike and in doing so, people loss their life due to aspiration into the lungs. and about the forcevite it s the depiction of forced feeding. We can use semisolid paste of cereals or porridge. and one more thing same tube is also used for gut decontamination in poioning.

He uses an injection to force the stuff down a tube that leads to her nose. It says “total meal replacement”. Pretty sure it s not supposed to be used the way he does, that s why she s in pain. Seems to be liquid or a pudding-like liquid, similar to what the army gets or the astronauts. It must burn, like most things do when going down your nose.

She is getting tube feeding through the tube in her nose. The tube is uncomfortable but that solution is beneficial for her survival of she’s not eating. Totally normal. I’m a nurse. Have administered it routinely.

Not sure its a real thing but looking closely it says its a total meal replacement, so its a way of feeding her.
He does say what flavour she gets to pick lol

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what is Forcevite ?

Forcevite is a new social media platform that is quickly gaining popularity. It combines the best features of existing social media sites and adds some unique twists that make it stand out from the crowd.

What is Forcevite?

When you hear the word “Forcevite”, what comes to mind? If you’re like most people, you probably think of it as some kind of newfangled social media platform. But what is Forcevite, really?

At its core, Forcevite is a tool that helps you connect with other like-minded individuals and build relationships. It’s sort of like a cross between Facebook and LinkedIn, but with a much heavier emphasis on networking.

Whether you’re looking for a new job, trying to grow your business, or just wanting to meet new people, Forcevite can be a valuable resource. And best of all, it’s free to use!

The Different Types of Forcevite

When it comes to online marketing, Forcevite is a tool that can be used to great effect. However, before using Forcevite, it’s important to understand the different types ofForcevite so that you can decide which one will work best for your needs.

There are three primary types of Forcevite: passive, active, and viral. Each has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose the right one for your particular situation.

Passive Forcevite is the most basic form of the tool. It simply allows you to place a link to your website on another website. The advantage of this approach is that it doesn’t require much effort on your part. All you need to do is find a suitable website and then add your link.

Active Forcevite is a more sophisticated version of the tool. It allows you to actively promote your website on other websites. This approach requires more effort on your part, but it can be more effective than passive Forcevite.

Viral Forcevite is the most advanced form of the tool. It allows you to create a widget that can be placed on other websites. When someone clicks on the widget, they will

Pros and Cons of Forcevite

When it comes to online marketing, there are a lot of strategies and tactics that you can use to help promote your business. One of these tactics is called Forcevite. But what is Forcevite? And more importantly, is it something that you should be using to promote your business?

To answer these questions, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Forcevite:


-Can be an effective way to generate leads and sales

-Can help build relationships with potential customers

-Is relatively easy to set up and use

-May come across as being too “salesy” or “pushy”
-Can be time consuming to manage
-May not be effective if not used properly

Overall, Forcevite can be a helpful tool for promoting your business online. However, it’s important to keep the above pros and cons in mind before using this tactic.

What are the side effects of Forcevite?

The side effects of Forcevite are not yet known. However, the company is currently conducting clinical trials to determine the safety and efficacy of the product.

How to take Forcevite

Assuming you want a tips and tricks style blog post:

There are many ways that people can take Forcevite. Some people like to take it with food, others with water. Some people prefer to take it in pill form, while others prefer the liquid form. No matter how you take it, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, make sure that you drink plenty of fluids when you take Forcevite. This will help to prevent dehydration and will also help your body to absorb the Forcevite more effectively.

Second, be sure to take Forcevite at the same time each day. This will help to ensure that you get the most benefit from it and will also help to keep your levels consistent.

Finally, if you are taking Forcevite in pill form, be sure to swallow it whole. Do not chew or crush the pills, as this can reduce their effectiveness.

Alternatives to Forcevite

If you’re looking for alternatives to Forcevite, there are plenty of options out there. Here are just a few of the many options available:

1. Hootsuite: This platform provides users with powerful tools for managing their social media accounts. With Hootsuite, you can help schedule and publish content, track who’s talking about your brand, and measure your success over time.

2. Sprout Social: Sprout is another great option for those looking for social media management tools. With Sprout, you can help create and publish great content, track conversations, and measure your success.

3. Buffer: Buffer is a popular platform that helps users manage their social media accounts. With Buffer, you can help schedule and publish content, track your analytics, and engage with your audience.

4. IFTTT: IFTTT is a powerful platform that allows users to create “recipes” for automating tasks across their various online accounts. With IFTTT, you can automate things like posting new content to social media or backing up data to the cloud.

5. Zapier: Zapier is similar to IFTTT in that it allows users to automate tasks across


Forcevite is a unique product that can help you improve your health and fitness. It is made with natural ingredients and has been proven to be effective in helping people lose weight, gain muscle, and improve their overall health. If you are looking for a way to improve your health and fitness, Forcevite is definitely worth considering.

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