What is a schizoid embolism?

In medical terms, a embolism is the obstruction or destruction of blood vessels by a foreign substance or the clotting of blood that then blocks the vessel. Schizoid is a Schizoid personality disorder, so I would hazard a guess that a schizoid embolism is when a foreign substance enters the body and then causes a change in personality or mood. No such thing as a schizoid embolism (together) however exists. There are minor cases such as toxoplasmosis from cats which can cause personality changes, but not that of someone with schizoid personality disorder.

Define Schizoid

A schizoid embolism is from the film, Total Recall. In the movie, when a person is in the process of having new memories implanted in his head, a Schizoid Embolism is vaguely described as some sort of bad reaction to the process, where the person becomes convinced that the implanted memories are real, and begins to reject his real life memories.

I seem to lost my “schizoid embolism” book,so I’ll not be guess’n.

It’s from the classic film Total Recall.

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If you want a serious answer, go to webmd.com

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