What are non sequential bills?

the serial numbers on money when printed are sequential. When you get new bills from a bank, the numbers are all in order. Non-sequential bills are what you get when you get change from a store. The numbers are essentially random.

Non Sequential Bills

Non Sequential

As in money? Get some one-dollar bills together and look at their front faces. Each one of them has an individual serial number. When money is first printed, it comes out in sheets that already have numerous bill on them, each with a serial number that goes in order (1 ,2, 3, 4, ……, obviously not the serial numbers on any money, but it gives you the idea of sequential). When the sheets are cut, the money is stacked according to their serial numbers. When banks get these new bundles of ones, fives, tens, twenties, and hundreds, the stacks are all in order.

Typically, when a person requests non-sequential bills as one of their demands when robbing a bank, what they are hoping to do is throw off the bank’s (and the cop’s) ability to track where the money is spent.

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What are non sequential bills?

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the serial numbers aren’t one number different.

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