What does the tool weigh on Newtonia? What would it weigh on Earth?

You have landed on an unknown planet, Newtonia, and want to know what objects will weigh there. You find that when a certain tool is pushed on a frictionless horizontal surface by a 12.4 {rm N} force, it moves 17.0 {rm m} in the first 2.40 {rm s}, starting from rest. You next observe that if you release this tool from rest at 11.0 {rm m} above the ground, it takes 2.78 {rm s} to reach the ground.

Interesting discussion!

ok – f=ma so m=f/a also a=2*d/t^2 (d is distance, a acceleration, t time, f force and m mass)
34/2.4/2.4 = a so m = 12.4*2.4^2/34 , about 2.1 kg so on earth it would weigh about 20.6 N
Newtonia surface acceleration ( where you are ) is 22/2.78^2 m/s or about 2.85 m/s and the tool would weigh 2.1*2.85 (about 6) N there.

a = 2*17.0/2.40^2 ≈ 5.90277778 m/s^2
m = (12.4 N)/(5.90277778 m/s^2) ≈ 2.100706 kg
g = 2*11/2.78^2 ≈ 2.846644 m/s^2
Wn ≈ (2.100706 kg)(2.846644 m/s^2)
Wn ≈ 5.979961 N ≈ 5.98 N
We ≈ (2.100706 kg)(9.80665 m/s^2)
We ≈ 20.60089 N ≈ 20.6 N

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