What does the McCain-Feingold joke in Family Guy mean? (Road to Multiverse)?

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What does the McCain-Feingold joke in Family Guy mean? (Road to Multiverse)?

The McCain-Feingold joke in Family Guy is a dark reference to the U.S. campaign finance law, which was passed in 2002 and banned soft money contributions from corporations and unions. The line is used when Peter Griffin asks his friend Quagmire what he’s doing with all the money he’s been getting from TV commercials. Quagmire responds by saying “I’m giving it all to Senator McCain and Congressman Feingold, so they can try and pass some kind of campaign finance reform.” While the joke may be obscure to many people, it has a much deeper meaning when you consider its context. The joke is a satirical jab at how big money influences politics – specifically, how the restrictions on soft money have done little to change the way politics are conducted. In fact, as McCain-Feingold has shown, the law has had the exact opposite effect, allowing more powerful interests to influence elections.

What is the McCain-Feingold joke in Family Guy?

The McCain-Feingold joke in Family Guy is a reference to the 2002 campaign finance law, also known as McCain-Feingold. The law was passed by the U.S. Congress and was designed to prevent electioneering communications from being funded by corporations, unions, and other special interests.

The gag in Family Guy is that Peter Griffin says something along the lines of “John McCain really knows how to keep the money in his family” while referring to the restrictions on campaign contributions that were part of the law. The joke is a play on the fact that McCain’s father, John S. McCain III, was a decorated war hero and former senator from Arizona.

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The McCain-Feingold joke in Family Guy refers to a law that was passed in 2002 by then U.S. Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman. The law, formally known as the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002, was designed to reduce the amount of money that candidates could spend on campaigns.

The joke in Family Guy is a reference to an incident that took place before the law was passed. In 2001, McCain and Lieberman were traveling on a plane with Fred Willard, a comedian who was also playing a role in the show at the time. During takeoff, Willard started making jokes about the proposed law and how it would limit democracy. The other passengers grew angry and began to boo him. McCain and Lieberman intervened, telling the passengers that they needed to be respectful of Willard’s right to free speech.

McCain-Feingold is definitely one of those jokes that is easier to understand if you know the background story behind it. If you’re curious about what it all means, read on!

What does this joke mean?

The McCain-Feingold joke in Family Guy means that the United States is headed for a lot of trouble. The joke is a reference to the 2002 bill, which was named after senators John McCain and Russell Feingold. The bill aimed to overhaul campaign finance regulations.

The joke in Family Guy references the fact that the bill’s name was a play on the words “McCain-Ferry,” which are the names of two leading members of the committee that wrote the bill. The “road to hell” is a common biblical phrase that refers to an easy path that leads to ruin.

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