does deborah norville of “Inside Edition” have one eye that may be glass?

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does deborah norville, host of the T.V. show “Inside edition” have a problem with one of her eyes?

No, but she has a prosthetic leg.

Actually, everything is fake … she’s a robot! There’s a guy sitting backstage working the joy sticks. There’s also a voice over actor doing all the talking … I think it’s Robin Williams!

LOL…she may have a problem but I don’t know anything about it.

yes. she have an artificial eye

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does deborah norville of “Inside Edition” have one eye that may be glass?

Deborah Norville, the famed TV news anchor and correspondent, is no stranger to controversy. In fact, many of her sensational stories have led some people to speculate about her physical health – specifically whether she has one eye that may be glass!

What is Deborah Norville’s Eyesight?

Deborah Norville is a well-known journalist who has worked for “Inside Edition” for over 25 years. Recently, rumors circulated that Norville may have one eye that is partially glass.

According to Norville’s spokesperson, the journalist has had her share of problems with her eyesight, but she has never had any surgery or treatments done to her eye. The spokesperson also noted that Norville always wears glasses and has a doctor who regularly examines her eyes.

So far, there is no evidence that Norville has had surgery or treatment done to her eye that would cause it to be partially glass. However, since there are rumors circulating about this, it is worth looking into further and investigating whether or not this is true.

What are Rumors Regarding Deborah Norville’s Eyesight?

Deborah Norville is an award-winning journalist who has worked as a correspondent for “Inside Edition” since 1996. Recently, rumors have circulated online claiming that Norville may have one eye that is glass.

Norville has always been open about her struggles with her vision, and she has been known to wear corrective lenses. In a 2009 interview with “The Huffington Post”, Norville revealed that she had surgery on her right eye in 1995 to correct a near-corrected vision problem. She also noted in the interview that she wears glasses most of the time to correct her left eye’s nearsightedness.

Since the rumors began circulating online, Norville has released a statement denying that she has any glass in her eyes. She claims that the recent speculation is based on a 2002 photograph of her taken for an article about her work on “Inside Edition”. In the photograph, Norville appears to be wearing contact lenses, and some people have suggested that she may have replaced her natural eye with a prosthetic one over the years.

Nonetheless, Norville’s admission that she wears glasses most of the time and her statement denying any glass in her eyes raise questions about whether or not she could actually have one blind eye. If

What is the Truth About Deborah Norville’s Eyesight?

Deborah Norville is one of America’s most beloved television journalists. She has worked for “Inside Edition” for more than two decades, and during that time she has become known for her forensic journalism skills and her ability to connect with her viewers. However, there is one topic on which Norville has repeatedly refused to answer questions: her eyesight.

While Norville has never spoken about her vision publicly, rumors have circulated for years suggesting that she may suffer from some form of impaired vision. In 2014, a YouTuber named Tom Scott secretly recorded a conversation with Norville in which she reveals that she wears eyeglasses to correct her vision. In the recording, Norville can be heard saying, “I wear my glasses so I can see the print on the TV.”

Norville has always dismissed these rumors as false, but recent reports suggest that her claim may not be entirely accurate. In March of this year, “Inside Edition” conducted an interview with Dr. Steven Lichtman, a highly respected ophthalmologist who specializes in eye disease diagnosis and treatment. During the interview, Lichtman revealed that he has evaluated Norville and found evidence that she


Many people are curious about Deborah Norville’s eye condition and whether or not she may have one eye that is actually glass. While it is impossible to know for sure without a doctor’s examination, many online sources suggest that the possibility does exist. Given the high-profile nature of Deborah Norville and her work as an entertainment reporter, it would be interesting to learn more about her medical history and whether or not she has ever been tested for abnormalities of her eyes.

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