what does “pos que” mean in spanish?

I am guessing from the context I read it in that it means “what if” but I am not sure…

“pos que” it’s a typically mexican voice. It could mean a handful of things, depending on the context of the speech and the way of pronuntiation. It derives from “pues que” since mexicans tend to abbreviate “pues” into “pos”. So, it could mean:
“Ya, pos que” said slowly and sadly, could mean resignation.
“Pos que!” with a upward movement of the head could mean like “what’s the matter”, very aggresively.

So, it varies, but basically it’s used like “Whats the matter”, or “what if”, but since in latin culture body language it’s almost as important as spoken, one should read very carefully to catch the meaning.


Que In Spanish

Spanish Slang (Pos Que) And What?
People use it more in the North

Pos que = Pues que.

pos is not a word, you are probably talking about pues. “pues que” is an expression i’ve heard central americans use, and i’m not really sure of how to define it.

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“pos que” is used as funny way insted or “por que” (why)or “pero”(but) is just a mexican lingo , in other uses can be as imperative to be used according with a humor.

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I don’t think you mean “pos que.” Maybe “por que,” perhaps? Por que means why and porque means because.

its slang but it means why its truely por que its like why and huh in english compared to por que y pos que

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por que= why

pos que = like if somebody where telling you.. who cares


“Pos que” means like saying “well, what?” or saying O.K.?!

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