Songs about trust and pushing people away?

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Okay so I’m going through stuff and I need some music I can relate to if you know what I mean,

Nine Inch Nails – Something I can never have

Dark Times by the Weeknd featuring Ed Sheeran. I would sit here and tell you what is about but it’s perfect for pushing people away and hurting those you love. Listen to it!

i love the song “warning sign” by coldplay. about not being able to trust someone, pushing them away for fear of getting hurt, and then regretting it.

linkin park-numb evanescence-my immortal back street boys-incomplete

old spanish marc anthony lol, jojo, pink, blondie, sorry i cant come up with more

Answer 6

“on my own” – patti labelle & michael mcdonald

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Songs about trust and pushing people away?


It seems like lately, every pop song is about heartache and broken relationships. But why? Are we really that desperate for love? Or are we just trusting the wrong people? In this article, we’ll be looking at the psychological factors behind our love songs, and how they reflect our underlying attitudes towards trust and relationships.


When it comes to songs about trust and pushing people away, there are a few that come to mind. “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” by Zayn Malik is one of them, as is the song “Push” by Kanye West. In both cases, the lyrics deal with the protagonist feeling like they need to push people away in order for them not to hurt or disappoint them. Other popular songs about pushing someone away can be found on SoundCloud, such as “Exile” by Taylor Swift and “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Chainsmokers. What do these songs have in common? They all feature strong female characters who are forced to push people away due to their own fears or concerns. Whether it’s a fear of abandonment or betrayal, these characters use actions (or inaction) as a way of protecting themselves from hurting again.

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