What does Optimistic to a fault mean?

To be anything to a fault means to be that thing excessively.

To be optimistic to a fault means that a person is optimistic even when it is obvious that victory or success will not be easy or likely. Optimism is nice as a general rule, but sometimes it is more useful to be more realistic about the possibility of failure, especially if failure is very likely.

Some people fail to act responsibly because they are unreasonably optimistic. I own two fire extinguishers. I bought them for about $25 each. I keep one downstairs and one upstairs in my house. A person who is excessively optimistic might say I wasted $50, figuring my house will never catch on fire.

I also think my house never will catch on fire, but I still bought two fire extinguishers. I probably never will use them. A person who is too optimistic might not buy a fire extinguisher for his or her kitchen, figuring it’s a waste of money. Optimists who are optimistic “to a fault” probably don’t keep an umbrella in their cars. Usually it doesn’t matter, but some days they get rained on.

I like optimism.
Things usually work out OK.
I just think a dose of realism makes optimism work better in real life.

Peace be with you.

As the previous poster said; in addition it’s to do something so much that it’s turned into a trait that is actually doing you harm, or not helping you. In the case of optimism you know those people that are always “looking on the bright-side” of a situation but the situation isn’t one you necessarily think needs you to be cheered up from, like it’s supposed to be somber–that kind of person can be said to be “Optimistic to a fault”.

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