Affaire de peau type… meaning?

In a book of John Fowls The Magus a heroine (Australian) says to her boyfriend(Englishman): ” You are the affaire de peau type”.

The trouble is, one can’t tell whether the word “type” is in French or English. It has rather different meanings in the two languages. I assume it is English and (without having read the book or knowing the context) it could be translated as “skin deep” (i.e. rather superficial). A book translated from English into French would suggest this…
Alternatively, I would suggest that it has the meaning that the person concerned is affected by the other person’s skin colouring.

In english affaire de peau means “business of skin” however I have no idea what the writer intended to say.

For me that means that she wanted to say “‘ You are a kind of nice boy”‘ , and it should be written ”beau” not peau and then it makes sense.

Source(s): French- native

It means that you are the kind of person who does not involve a lot in a relationship

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