What does “Ol, ceol, agus craic!” mean?

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I know it’s in Gaelic and can be seen in Fado Irish Pub. Anyone knows what it means?

I don’t speak Irish, but “ceol” means “music,” and “agus” means “and.”
An internet search provided me with “fun” for “craic.”
In Scottish gaidhlig, ag’ol is ‘to drink,’ so in Irish gaelic, “ol” could mean “drink.”

In which case, the sign means “Drink, Music, and Fun!”
…Which is right and proper in a pub!

Ceol Agus Craic

Before 1980

“Drink, music and fun” is right, though you wouldn’t usually translate “craic”, you’d just say drink, music and craic.

thank you so much. this was on the back of a t-shirt.

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What does “Ol, ceol, agus craic!” mean?

Ol, ceol, agus craic! is an Irish toast meaning “Ol’ boy, ol’ girl and good health!” While it might seem like a simple phrase, there is actually a lot of history and meaning behind it. Learn all about this Celtic toast in this article.

What is the Irish Phrase

“Ol, ceol, agus craic!” is a popular phrase in the Irish language that means “All is well and happy!”. It is often used to end a conversation or message.

How to say

“Hello, how are you?”

“Ol, ceol, agus craic!”


“Ol, ceol, agus craic!” means “goodbye, hello, and goodbye.” It’s a type of Irish farewell that is often said to friends and family when you’re about to leave.

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