What does “No Tenths” Mean on vehicle title?

On the line for odometer reading it says “No Tenths”. What Does This Mean Exactly?

If you have an older style vehicle with the mechanical style Odometer it would also show your 10’s of each mile before the next mile. Newer electronic digital Odometer do not even show the 10’s of a mile. THE TITLE IS TELLING YOU NOT TO INDICATE THE 10’S on the Title if it does in fact show them, ONLY PROVIDE THE MILES ROUNDED TO THE NEAREST WHOLE NUMBER.

If you need to give mileage (usually only on those vehicles less than 10 years old) only include the miles, not the tenths of a mile after the decimal point.

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Either speedometer doesn’t show tenths of a mile or recorded mileage was rounded off to whole number.

thenths of a mile…on the odometer…
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