Leo vs Taurus fight, Who win?

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Answer please, based on your observation

Leo, Leos are dominant. They never give up, mostly in fights. The Leo will has a 99% chance of winning.

Leo Vs Taurus

Well I’m going to be honest about this because I, female Taurus, actually have gotten into physical fights with many Leos (My cousins and siblings only, lol). I would have to say Leos would win majority of the time because for Leos, losing a fight is not an option. Tauruses would soon call it quits, not because they feel that they are going to lose, or are tired, they want to be the mature one and end it. When a Taurus does win a fight, then you know the Leo must have done something really bad to ᴘιss him/her off because that’s when a Taurus wouldn’t even give a **** about being mature and just go all out.

This is through my own experience and observations ^^

Source(s): Female Taurus ^^V

Since Taurus’s are stubborn and won’t back down, strategically planning, molding and being sure of every word said (never wasted), they can really win a verbal fight. Although, stubborn and arrogant Leo needs the satisfaction and comfort of winning and being dominant, and will fight to have the last word. A Taurus will allow this sometimes out of maturity and realizing what a waste of time it is, accept it, smirking to themselves that they are correct and have been all along; no matter what a Leo says, Taurus knows that they are right but laugh at the Leo for being so outrageous. The fight for dominance is ongoing, but a Taurus always knows that they carry it in their extremely strong, silent type.

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Leo is stronger than Taurus both verbally and physically. I can verbally shred a Taurus any day of any week of any year and I’ve also kicked the a*s of a couple of Taurus women. All bark and no bite. Not even a close tie. EDIT* I love how everyone gives TD simply because of their own personal vendetta and yet NO concrete evidence to prove me wrong. Amazing….and even some Taurus people who used to claim they care and then turn around and show their true colors…I’m glad I got out when I did. I knew I was being lied to and played so I said what I had to say. Good to know.

Answer 6

Taurus will win. A Taurus practically has all the qualities that allow him to become very wealthy. They are really expert strategists, focusing and giving priorities to issues forthright( which is not the case with Leos).
Taurus are extremely hard workers, their nature is as such that they see practical side of life.
Taureans have an in-built mechanism of manifesting and attracting wealth, this is because of their subconscious nature to plan, look at things from all possible angles with every fine detail. Also, they are damn intelligent..

One very unique Taurean ability shows itself when they work to achieve their personal goals. During such a time, a Taurus displays an unending determination so intense that it can even throw an Aries competitor off-track.

Another unique quality is, Taureans are very calm and composed , but if someone ᴘιsses them off very very bad, they can channelize all their determination into rage which expresses itself as very violent and destructive.

A Leo is no match for taurus at this point. Taurus won’t simply budge.
Even if a Leo stands up and gives good fight, in case even if he wins, he will be severely incapacitated.

If you avoid all such things, Taurus is a best friend in entire zodiac

Source(s): I am a Scorpio, have seen fights between Taurus v/s Aries/ Leo.
Both Aries and Leo’s I have encountered, have to sweat it out and think a lot when quarreling with a Taurus.

Answer 7

Leo, physically

Taurus, verbally

Depends what you’re talking about. But since you said fight, I’m assuming you mean fighting instead of arguing. But I haven’t see a Taurus and Leo fight but I know two girls got into an argument about a Pisces boy. Leo won, Agaign Taurus was digging in somebodys’ lunch box. Leo kinda cursed her out and Taurus cried (same girls).

I think taurus would give up after a while, they like to be the more mature one.
Leo always wants the last word and won’t stop until they are proven right.

Source(s): cancer/leo cusp..i almost always want the last word..especially with my mom since she’s a full blown leo lol

Taurus! Leo’s ba but taurus is even better.


leo will win because they’re confident and always wants to be the center of anttention, and also wont take no for an answer or back down, my daughter is a leo

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Leo vs Taurus fight, Who win?

Leo vs Taurus fight, Who win? If you’re anything like me, you’ve been curious about this astrological battle for centuries. There are two zodiac signs- Leo and Taurus- that represent two very different ways of life. So, who wins?

What is the Leo vs Taurus fight all about?

The Leo vs Taurus fight is all about who will win in terms of their energy. Leo is the sign of the lion and Taurus is the sign of the bull, so this fight is all about who will be the dominant force. Leo represents energy and power and Taurus represents stability and earth-y elements.

From a purely physical standpoint, it’s hard to say which one will win. Taurus is likely more physically strong, but Leo’s fighting spirit might give them the edge. Ultimately, it comes down to which one can assert their dominance and control over the other.

The Zodiac Signs of Leo and Taurus

Leo and Taurus are two of the twelve signs in the Zodiac. They each have their own personality, strengths, and weaknesses. It is important to know these things if you want to know who will win a fight between these two signs.

Taurus is the earth sign, which means that he is physically strong. He can take a lot of punishment before he falls. He also has a great sense of smell, which helps him track down prey.

Leo is the fire sign, which means that he is passionate and driven. He is also very creative and can come up with new ideas quickly. However, Leo also has a fiery temper and can be hotheaded.

In a fight between Leo and Taurus, it would be Taurus who would come out on top. Leo is passionate but also lacks physical strength. Taurus would be able to take advantage of this by using his strength and size to win fights easily.

What do Leo and Taurus eat?

Leo and Taurus both have a strong stomach, so they can handle some tough foods. However, their diet is mostly based around meat and vegetables.

Leo is a sign that loves to eat large quantities of meat and seafood. This means that Taurus can eat a lot of ground meats, poultry, and fish. He also enjoys plant-based proteins such as beans, nuts, and grains.

Taurus tends to prefer fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and low-fat dairy products. This means that Leo’s diet can be high in saturated fat and cholesterol while Taurus’ can be low in both.

What kind of energy do Leo and Taurus have?

There is no simple answer to this question since energy is highly individualized. However, from a general standpoint, Leo and Taurus are both fire signs, which means they are naturally passionate and active. This makes them sympathetic to each other and helps them to build strong relationships.

However, their energies can also be quite combustible. This can lead to arguments or even physical combat if one party feels their energy is being blocked or suppressed. In the end, it is up to each individual to manage these energies in a way that does not cause harm or conflict.

The Results of the Fight

The Leo vs Taurus fight is a fierce battle of wills. The Leo is known for their enthusiasm and love of life, while the Taurus is known for their steadiness and practicality.

So who won the fight? It’s a tough call, but in the end, the Leo seems to have come out on top. They were more enthusiastically assertive, tending to take charge and make decisions quickly. This may have been helpful in getting things moving, but it may also have resulted in some over-zealousness and impulsiveness that led to some setbacks.

Meanwhile, the Taurus seemed more patient and methodical. They relied on their natural strengths – steadiness and practicality – to get them through the challenges posed by the Leo. This allowed them to build a stronger foundation from which to operate, ultimately resulting in greater success.


In the end, there is no definitive answer – it all comes down to how each person interprets and executes their own style of fighting. However, based on what we know about these two signs, it seems that Leo would have the advantage when it comes to speed and agility, which could give them an edge in some areas. Overall, though, Taurus is a very strong sign and can hold his own against most Leos. So who wins? It really depends on the fight!

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