What does Never pet a burning dog mean?

I’m thinking you’re asking this because of the recent “Generation Kill” episode on HBO, correct? The saying, “Never pet a burning dog,” is indicated because the characters had thought they were extending what they believed to be a helping hand to the oppressed people, but now see the ramifications of doing so are poor, and finding that the good they thought they were doing is in question, and the likelihood of harm befalling them for their efforts is greater than ever because of the influx of young Arab men from outside Iraq wanting to fight westerners.

Source(s): Credit? Sorry, I watched the episode. What more credit do you want?

Never Pet A Burning Dog

My father you to say that to me whenever I had been arguing with my mother, and tried to appease her. He said this as early as 1970, so the origins may be lost. But the meaning remains: don’t get burned by trying to appease someone who has bigger problems than not being appeased.

It means that you should never try on you own to salvage a situation that has gone so out of hand or try to comfort someone that is very very angry…
i think

It means not to jump into a situation blindly, without assessing it thoroughly – otherwise you could get hurt or cause more damage.

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Whats you hands doing on a burning dog?

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