what does “Comptine d’un autre eté” in french mean?

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a “comptine” is a litlle story for the kids.

and d’un autre été means “from an other summer”.

from an other summer means that the comptine is an old style of story. The kind of story that out parents and grandparents have known, but we no longer know it. The person that say that probably feel some noltalgia about an older way of life.

There is the idea that if you read this story, you make a trip in the past.

A “comptine” is a song or nursery rhyme taught traditionally to young children in France.

So it means “A nursery rhyme from another summer” or “A nursery rhyme from a long, long time ago”, or even maybe “Once upon a time, there was a nursery rhyme”.

Nathalie has it right I believe. I only achieved French 2 in high school, with a terrible teacher… I can understand “of another summer: Afternoon” And technically it is a piece of music, solo piano. I do like that animated short “The Piano” very nice.

Comptine= Nursery rhyme
un autre=one other/another
été= summer

So..”Nursey rhyme of another summer” would be the way I would translate it.

The link below is for it, you can watch the nursery rhyme if you like.

Source(s): Took 6 years of French

Counting rhyme of another summer

Source(s): www.dictionary.com/translator

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story from/of/about another summer

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what does “Comptine d’un autre eté” in french mean?

Comptine d’un autre été, l’après-midi is a song by French singer-songwriter Yann Tiersen. The title translates to “A Nursery Rhyme of Another Summer, Afternoon” in English. The song was featured in the 2004 film Amélie, which helped to increase its popularity.

What does it mean?

“Comptine d’un autre été” is a song from the French film “The400 Blows”. The title means “Nursery rhyme of another summer”. The song is about a boy who is sad because he is leaving his childhood behind and has to grow up.

The story behind the song

Comptine d’un autre été, or “A Song from Another Summer,” is a beautiful and haunting melody from the movie Amélie. The song was composed by Yann Tiersen and sung by French singer Dominique A.

The lyrics to Comptine d’un autre été are actually quite simple and don’t necessarily hold a lot of meaning on their own. However, when paired with the gorgeous melody and Tiersen’s emotive piano playing, the song takes on a whole new level of depth and feeling.

For many, Comptine d’un autre été is a reminder of lost love or a past summer that can never be recaptured. The lyrics (translated into English) seem to convey this sentiment perfectly:

“In an old book of fairy tales
I found an old story
About two lovers in secret
Who swore to love each other forever
But the girl was forced to marry another
And the boy went away heartbroken
And they never saw each other again.”

Whether you understand the French lyrics or not, there’s no


“Comptine d’un autre été” is a beautiful and evocative French song that has been translated into English as “Song of another summer.” The lyrics are simple but profound, and the melody is both melancholy and hopeful. It’s a perfect song for summertime, or for any time you need a reminder that despite the sorrows of life, there is always beauty to be found.

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