What do transistors do in a mobile phone?

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As mentioned above, transistors can serve many functions in a mobile phone. Two of the most likely applications for transistors in a mobile phone would be:

1) Power Transistors – These will provide amplification of the signal your phone sends to the base station through your antenna.

2) Digital Logic Transistors – These provide more “computing” functions, such as voice signal processing or digital camera image processing.


Transistors are now built on chips as part of integrated circuit. You won’t find the small pea sized objects in phones anymore.

Transistors are basic building blocks for amplifiers and for logic circuits such as AND / OR / XOR circuits. And they do the same thing in mobile phones or radios, or televisions. They are used in switches, in amplifying the voice, in building the logic circuits and computer that has to manage the very complicated mobile protocols that drive your mobile.

Do you realize that for mobile phones in North America, there are 7 protocol stacks used to set up a phone call. Your mobile phone is an extremely complicated piece of equipment. It actually communicates with 6 pieces of other equipment in the mobile company to set up your phone call.

Source(s): I test UMTS (mobile switching gear) technology.

What Do Transistors Do

transitor is nothing but semiconductor material with dopes in it so based on voltage and current values it can be used to do any thing..it is just an electronic component

i guess u r confusing with radio/transistor which you use to listen music

as a matter of fact transitors `are there in tvs,dvd players,your cars,your watch,pace maker,computers calucators and every possible electronic item

Source(s): MSEE

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Call each other?
The same thing they do in a radio?

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