The phenomenon of gaming: Is it knowledge or skill-based?

One of the biggest issues that has plagued gamers since the beginning is the fact that people stink at video games. But why? 

Some people think that games need to be beaten through skill. The games are hard, so why not get good and power through? Others want to outthink the game. They want to understand the rules to get an advantage, and then win that way. Which one is right? Is gaming based on having knowledge, or skills?

What if you play a strategic game like poker? 

For many people, poker is about pure luck. The game is all about a poker face and your bluffing skills. Along with the ability to con the other players at the table. However, poker is a true strategy game. There are optimal moves, better hands than others, and ways that you can turn the worst hand into a winner.

Poker strategy is very complex. You need to be able to use the information on the table effectively. But there’s a difference between just seeing the cards and knowing how they can help you. You can explore sources to get acquainted with top poker strategies to have a winning game, and you can also enhance other skills. For instance, learning math can also help you form a valid strategy. Poker is all about probability. What cards are most likely to be drawn? Getting the equations on your side can be very helpful and you can turn a bad hand into a benefit with the right knowledge.

You need to understand the strategy of poker if you ever want to beat it. Figuring out the best opening moves, the tells of your opponents, and how to go and place a bet are all wonderful skills. Make sure you have some knowledge before you sit down at any table because that knowledge is going to help you win.

First Person Shooters

Many people will call these games skill-based, and that is true. First-person shooters are all about skill. Especially those in a competitive environment. You need to learn the game’s rules and as you do you will acquire skills. Some of these skills include: picking the best loadout for the job. Or having the dexterity to move your character quickly.

The best thing you can do for these types of games is to practice. Pick a class, character, or weapon loadout you feel comfortable with. Then take it out to the field until you feel like you have mastered it. While looking up guides and strategies is nice, these types of games benefit the most from grinding out skills and predicting until mastery.

Real-Time Strategy Games

Whether you are building a base, running a nation, or simply fighting off waves of enemies, RTS games require a mix of both knowledge and skill. In RTS games, every second of real time that passes is a threat. Your opponents are making moves and getting new resources and stronger units. Eventually, they will snowball into something that can’t be stopped. So you need to snowball as well. 

You can benefit from some knowledge here. With some solid help, you can build a good platform. That platform can help you during the first few hours of the game. If you truly want to get ahead further and be a high-level real-time strategist, you’ll need to take things a step further. 

Watching and learning from other players is a good start because they know tips that you don’t. Pretty soon, you will be unstoppable as a result of the knowledge you have gained.

Role Playing Games

You could be in front of a screen or a table when playing a roleplaying game. No matter if it is physical or digital, you need both knowledge and skills to play.

Your player character is going to have abilities and skills when they are designed. The skills will come from their race and class and will give them benefits and drawbacks. They will be able to perform certain tasks well, and won’t be good at other tasks. Thankfully, you will have other characters who fill other roles.

You need to have the knowledge to use your character effectively when situations come up. You might know that your character is good at lockpicking for example. But knowing when to pick a lock and when to let the door be kicked down is based on knowledge. Half the fun of RPGs, especially those played at a table, is using or not using that knowledge.

You Need Both

Knowledge and skills while gaming are extremely important. You need a good mix of both. The amount of each you need will change with every single game. But no matter what, don’t allow a lack of knowledge or skills to stop you from having fun! 

That’s the most important aspect of playing a game, and something you always need to have.

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