The importance of early childhood education and care and why it’s the best career for you 

Early childhood is marked from birth till 8 years of age. Children undergo remarkable brain development during this time, providing learning and education opportunities. 

The quality of life, along with their physical health, mental health, and learning, plays a pivotal role in how they’ll grow up to be adults. It will determine just how effectively they will be able to reach their potential and engage in life. 

Over the years, with increased awareness, people have realized and embraced the importance of early childhood education and care for a better tomorrow. 

The global percentage of children availing of pre-primary education increased from 46% (2010) to 61% (2020)! 

But if you’re unaware of its effect on kids’ lives, read on.

Why is Early Childhood Care And Education (ECCE) important?

Experiences in the early childhood phases can either build or break the foundation for children’s development in the later stages. Not only will this affect their learning, but also their behavior. 

Research has shown that exposure to early childhood education encourages their natural curiosity to go to school. Moreover, it also reduces the bridge between children with different social skills at the start of school. 

Vales and virtues taught during ECCE will sensitize the children to diversity and differences right from the start. 

The returns from investing in ECCE are considerably higher than education programs for adolescents and adults. 

If the overall quality of ECCE is improved with changing times, the importance of education and the idea of it being a birthright will sink in better. This will further prepare children to anticipate their next step in education and a lifelong journey. 

Why ECCE might be the best career for you?

If you want to work in an inspiring environment and add value to society for a better future, ECCE might be your best career choice! A good ECCE professional requires a specialized set of skills and the right qualifications. 

Here we have rounded up some more reasons why it might be “the one” for you!

1. You can witness children growing during your care 

Very few things can be as rewarding as watching children progress daily under your guidance. Personal connections based on trust and pure admiration will be your driving force to go to work each day. You will be a part of many of their ‘firsts’ in life! 

Perhaps you’ll be their first formal educator and be with them through most of their pivotal moments that will add great value to their future as adolescents and adults. You get to experience them thrive and conquer each milestone with you!

2. It is quite a high-demand job profile 

Governments all across the globe are realizing the pivotal importance of early childhood care and education with each passing day. This results in them actively seeking more professionals in this field, offering great incentives and positions. 

With the right education and specialization, you can claim one of these spots and pursue a fulfilling career in ECCE. 

There’s no end to learning and training yourself to be better for the role. Get a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, and step up your game in this field! 

3. No day is dull and the same as another 

When your job involves a group of children learning and exploring new things, it is impossible to expect a dull day at work. Each child is unique, and so is their speed to accomplish each milestone. 

They will all react to every stimulus and information differently. Thereby, you will always have to be on your tippy toes and reach to face what’s coming next.

4. Entrepreneurial opportunities and various job options  

With the increased demand for ECCE, institutions, and centers are everywhere to meet and cater to the growing need. 

As an aspiring professional in this field, you wouldn’t have to worry about limited workplaces to apply to. To top that off, after getting relevant training and job experience, you can always choose the entrepreneurial way. 

You can open up your own daycare business and cater to the needs of families and children just like you would elsewhere, except that here you’re your boss!

Final Thoughts 

It takes a special kind of mindset and disposition to be able to pull off such a job role efficiently. Now, if you can effectively imagine yourself as an ECCE professional, your career path is chosen! 

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