what happened to wmr-sports.net?

i went to watch the replay of wwe elimination chamber, and it brought me to a site that said onlinegaurdian.com??? what happened?

I just went to the site.
It is quite possible that the site has been shut down for violation of terms as it has said.
Because the site could work with Onlineguardian. the site owner never obeyed the rules and the site was banned as a result. Every site has a set of guidelines that you MUST follow and you are under a tyope of e-contract (internet contract). If you disobey the guidelines you will be banned. Basically it is like real life. It is also like Yahoo Answers also.
I am really sorry for your misfortune and I recommend that you watch the Elimination Chamber replay on http://desirulez.net/
I really hope You tried this site and if you are happy with it, you can e-mail me about it.
Hope I helped and have a nice day.


Wmr Sports

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