ruca & heina?

I was listening to sublime recently and i heard them say ruca & heina in a few of thier songs& i know they both mean girlfriend, but does anyone know if there’s an equivalent for a boy?

uhm i grew up listening to these words – they are spanish slang – Yay Sublime for mixing them in! i love stuff like that

haina – is a girl you claim to be yours “my haina” would be aman saying “thats my girl” or woman… whatever

ruca- refers to older lady – like you would sya “my old lady” or “my old man” -“ruco”

wish the true meaning was like it was explained by the other perosn who responded, cause its sweeter, but us mexican like tough love! lol!

if you were refering to a man, you could say “vato” thats cool too!

AND IF YOU LIKE SUBLIME CAN YOU LISTEN TO “PEPPER” – I LOVE SUBLIME AND I LOVE PEPPER – THEY ARE VERY SIMILAR STYLE LET ME KNOW IF YOU LIKE PEPPER, I RECOMMEND “GREEN HELL” BUT ALL THEIR STUFF IS GOOD – o and “sancho” from sbulime lyrics means “lover” or “the other man” “sancha” would be the “other woman”

have fun!!
smiles, EV

Waiting For My Ruca

The use of “heina” means “beautiful woman”.
sublime lyrics…santeria – My soul will have to wait till I get back
Find a heina of my own

The use of “ruca” means “true love”.
Was first said by sublime in (waiting for my ruca)


In Mexican slang, “ruca” means “old lady”, used as a term of endearment for a wife. “Heina” is used in Chicano slang as “girlfriend”, possible derived from the Spanish “mi reina”, “my queen”, another term of endearment.

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