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Joe is preparing 18 hot dogs for his party. However, Joe only has 12 hot dog buns. How many more hot dog buns does Joe need?

Joe is preparing 18 hot dogs for his party.
However, Joe only has 12 hot dog buns.
How many more hot dog buns does Joe need?
6 buns

During the past half hour,
a restaurant has had 23 orders for Pepsi and 15 orders for Mountain Dew.
How many more orders have there been for Pepsi than for Mountain Dew?
8 more orders

It is 3:00 pm here, and Australia is 13 hours ahead of us.
What time is it in Australia?
4:00 am

Tom has been given 35 chores to complete today.
This morning he finished 7 of them.
How many chores does he now have left to do?
28 chores

Sara loves to go hiking.
This week she hiked 3 miles on Monday, 4 miles on Tuesday, and 3 miles on Thursday.
Last week Sara hiked 8 miles.
How many more miles did Sara hike this week than last week?
2 miles

Liz wants to buy her favorite musical group’s new CD.
The CD costs $15.24, including tax.
Liz gives the store clerk a twenty-dollar bill.
How much change should Liz get back?

Rene is going to the lake to visit some friends.
If the lake is 60 miles away, and Rene is driving at 40 miles per hour the entire time,
how long will it take her to get to the lake?
90 minutes

Jason has decided to sell one of his baseball cards.
The card is valued at $51.00.
The store is only offering Jason $29.00.
How much less is Jason being offered for his card than what it is valued at?

Ed is doing a survey of popular colors for cars for a school report.
He decides to take a sample by sitting near a busy intersection and
noting the colors of the cars as they go by him.
Ed counts 23 black cars, 9 red cars, 17 blue cars, 25 white cars, and
21 silver cars during 20 minutes of watching.
How many more white and blue cars are there than silver and red cars?
12 more cars

Rodney is making three pizzas.
The recipe says that, for one pizza, he needs 2 cups of flour, 2 teaspoons of instant active dry yeast, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, and some other ingredients.
Rodney is out of flour, and goes to the store to buy a bag containing 20 cups of flour.
How much flour will he have left over after making the pizzas?
14 cups

If a dozen people get on a train, and five of them get off at the next stop,
how many of those people are left on the train?
7 people

If Robert buys a candy bar for 78 cents,
how much change does he get back from a one-dollar bill?
22 cents

$0.63 + _______ = $1.00
27 cents

Math Answers Now

1.18-12=6 buns
2.23-15=8 more orders
4.35-7=28 chores
5.10-8=2 miles
9.42-30=12 more cars
10.20-6=14 cups
11.12-5=7 people
12.1.00-78=22 cents
13.1.00-63=27 cents

Source(s): Now u know how to work this out.

Joe Needs 6 Buns

here are the answers.
1)6 buns
2)8 more orders
4)28 chores
5)2 miles
7)90 minutes
9)12 more cars
10)14 cups
11)7 people
12)22 cents

Source(s): primary knowledge

Answer 6

6 buns
8 more orders
4 am
28 more chores
2 miles
90 minutes
12 more cars
14 cups
7 people
22 cents
37 cents

Answer 7

If Jamie has five dollars and purchases a soda for one dollar and fifteen cents, how much change does Jamie get back?

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