“Man is a four letter word” meaning?

I m assuming this means to call him a man is offensive, like the rest of the four letter words are offensive, but I m not entirely sure of this and most of the lyrical meaning sites don t say anything about it

Four Letter Word Meaning

I listened to the song and then I had to google the lyrics, and I thnk you’re right. He is definitely talking about man being bad like every other four letter word. The entire song is filled with hate and self loathing. This is a guy who is a piece of sh** and he knows it. But hey at least he warns people “You’re lookin at an absolute zero. I won’t be devil, but I won’t be you’re hero”. The song is really kind of awful, but at least its honest. He even says ‘if I’ve offended you, you probably deserved it’. YEP! THAT man is definitely a four letter word lol

My take is, man is a simple person, thus a four letter word is basic. I would hope it was not offensive, but hard to say in a song and I don’t know that song.

Pretty sure it’s just inferred…
Either man is a bad thing or the People = Sh!t reference, one or the other.
In this song, I’m going w/ A… Man is a bad thing.

Its a reference to Slipknots People=Sh!t

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