Major arc jl measures 300°. which describes triangle jlm?

Major arc jl measures 300°. which describes triangle jlm? right obtuse scalene equilateral

(D)Equilateral Triangle Step-by-step explanation: Given a circle centre M; and The measure of major arc JL = 300 degrees The triangle formed by radii ML and MJ and chord JL is Triangle JLM. Since ML=MJ (radii of a circle), the base angles are equal. Therefore: We can see that all the angles of triangle JLM are 60 degrees, therefore Triangle JLM is an Equilateral Triangle.

Answer D. Equilateral triangle Explanation An Equilateral triangle is one that has all the three sides equal.In Euclidean geometry, an Equilateral triangle is also Equiangular.This is to say that all three internal angles are congruent to one another and are 60 degrees. The major arc jl measures 300°, triangle jlm will be equilateral.

the answer would be D.Equilateral

This is how i know its D   It is given in the question that measure of the major arc is Implies that Also,  (complete angle) Putting the value we get On solving we get Now in triangle JML MJ=ML (radius of the circle) Therefore, (Angle opposite to equal sides are equal) Using angle sum property of a triangle that sum of angles of a triangle is On solving Therefore all angles of triangle JML are equal to 60 degree Hence the given triangle is Equilateral triangle Answer is option D

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