Link to song taco burrito whats coming out of that speedo your pooping!?

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Does anyone have a link to this song?

Taco! Burrito!
What’s comin’ out of your Speedo?
You’ve got troubles-Woo!
You’re blowin’ bubbles-Woo!

Float, float, float, float
You’re puttin’ around like a motor boat
You’re blowing bubbles!

You stink!!

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Link to song taco burrito whats coming out of that speedo your pooping!?

Taco Tuesday is here and what better way to celebrate than with a song Taco Burrito? Check out the latest release from the speedo-wearing, mustachioed frontman of The Wreslers, “What’s Coming Out of That Speedo.” This catchy tune will have you tapping your feet and singing along in no time.

Artist: Tacos

Burrito: Song Taco
What’s Coming Out of That Speedo Your Pooping?: Tacos

Song: Taco Burrito

What’s Coming Out of That Speedo Your Pooping!?

There’s something coming out of that Speedo your pooping, and it ain’t just a taco! In celebration of National Taco Day, here’s a song-taco burrito taste explosion.

Taco Burrito Taste Explosion
I’m eating a taco and I’m feeling great
I think I’ll have another one, my tummy feels so good
Ian says put it in your mouth, don’t be shy
Taco burrito, yes please
So juicy and filling, my taste buds are happy
Mmm…I love the taste of a taco burrito

Album: Whats Coming Out of That Speedo, Your Pooping!?

Walking into your local Taco Bell and seeing a guy in a speedo eating a taco is enough to make any Texan’s stomach churn, but what’s even more bizarre is the song playing in the background.

The album, Whats Coming Out of That Speedo, Your Pooping!? is full of lewd, innuendo-filled songs about tacos and pooping. The album was self-released in 2016 by the artist known as Turd Furguson and it’s quickly gained a following on social media.

Some of the songs are inspired by real-life experiences, while others are purely fictitious. Regardless of their origins, all the tracks are undeniably catchy and funnier than anything you’ll ever hear on the radio.

If you’re looking for something interesting to listen to when you’re winding down after a long day or just need some light relief, be sure to check out Turd Furguson’s album.

Year Released: 2017

Hey y’all my favorite time of day is when taco bell starts playing that song “Taco Burrito” because its always the first thing to play when I open up the app. But recently I was looking through their yearbook and I noticed something weird, they’re promoting a new flavor called the “Warpaint” which is a taco with a dressing made out of war paint lol so what’s coming outta that speedo your pooping!?

Link to song:

Every day, we see new videos of people doing crazy things in their cars. The latest video to hit the internet is of a guy driving his car while singing the song “Taco Bell Song” by J.Lo.

While some people might find this hilarious, others may not. In any case, it’s definitely one way to ruin your day. Not to mention, it’s really dangerous to be driving while listening to music at a high volume.

What do you think of this latest video? Are you surprised that someone would drive like this? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Link to album:

What’s Coming Out of That Speedo?

Link to Album:

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