Japanese: “tsureteiku” and “tsuretekuru” what’s the difference?

Tsureteiku means to bring along or take along a person, tsuretekuru means to bring a person. So what’s the real difference between these two?

to take someone of lower status along

to bring someone along

You asked ” So what’s the real difference between these two? ”
as you can notice tsurete iku is used when to take someone and tsurete kuru is used when bring someone. The main difference is TAKE and BRING these two are different right?

I think you should watch a video you may learn something or could at least search for another video by using the url link.

I assume you know the verb “iku” means “to go” and the verb “kuru” means “to come”.

Tsureteiku = To take someone (could be some animal such as dog or cat) + Go

Imagine the situation like you are taking someone from the place you are at the moment to somewhere.

Tsuretekuru = To bring someone (could be some animal here again) + Come

In this case, imagine the situation like you are there and bringing someone to here.

E.g. John: “Will you bring someone to my birthday party?”
(Watashi no tanjoubikai ni dareka wo tsuretekuru?)

Emma: “Yes, I will take my friends!”
( Hai, watashi no tomodachi wo tsureteiku tsumori desu.”)

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