how to read expiration date on skittles?

i have some skittles and the back says “E14FEB16024” can you please tell me what this means . are they safe to eat ? it’s now jan.24.2015

Skittles Expiration Date

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there is a expiration date on them. it’s just that u cant read it. the numbers and letters that u see on the wrapper that is printed in ink that’s the date. the store itself has the code for reading them. it’s just not on candy that’s it’s like that can good are the same way. some have the date others are codes.

Skittles are never safe to eat.

14 feb 16 (2016)

candy doesn’t spoil. It is flavored sugar. Since when does sugar spoil?
Doesn’t matter what that date says.

Answer 6

they do expire, it wouldn’t be harmful to eat might taste stale.

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