It’s a rap song that starts like dadada dadad dadadadada, Does anyone know this song?

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The dadadada part is like the song Tom’s diner by suzanne vegas. then it turns into a rap song

2pac- Dopefiend’s Diner

Yo Gotti – Standing In The Kitchen

Yo Gotti – Standing In The Kitchen

Cupid’s Chokehold – Gym Class Heroes

or u could be talkin bout dat old nelly song

da da da dadatada daaaa da da da datada

Answer 6

DOA by Jay-z

Answer 7

No idea about this

its not a rap song more like hip hop
but i think
its one of these?

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LADY GAGA !!! lmao XD

*scratches head*

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It’s a rap song that starts like dadada dadad dadadadada, Does anyone know this song?

Do you know the rap song that starts with dadada dadad dadadadada? If not, you’re not alone. Few people do, and even fewer know the name of the artist or the song’s title. But this mystery doesn’t have to stay that way. With a little bit of detective work, you can find out everything you need to know about this little-known track – from where it came from to who made it. In this article, we’ll show you how to do just that.

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Background of the Song

“It’s a rap song that starts like dadada dadad dadadada, Does anyone know this song?” was originally created in 1984 by the artist MC Hammer. The song has been remade multiple times and has even been used in commercials. The song is currently being used in an advertisement for Diet Coke.

The song is a dancehall/reggae type of rap song that is sung by MC Hammer. The song is about a man who is having a tough day and he wants to take it out on someone else. The man in the song talks about how he just wants to go out and have some fun, but everything seems to be against him. He talks about how life just keeps going on and on, and he doesn’t know what he should do. The man sings about how he just wants to hit someone with his hammer and make them feel the pain that he is feeling.

The lyrics of the song are controversial because they are often sexual in nature. Some people consider the lyrics to be violent, while others think that they are just fun and entertaining.

Lyrics of the Song

There’s a rap song that starts like dadada dadad dadadada,
Does anyone know this song?
I was just browsing the internet,
And I came across this video clip,
It’s a really old video,
But it still makes me laugh.
The guy in the video is rapping about some mindless chatter,
And how he hates when people bicker and fuss.
He goes on to say that all he ever wants is for everyone to be happy,
And then at the end of the song he sings:
“Does anybody know this song? Does anybody know this song?”

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What Does the Song Mean?

“Dada dadad dadadada” is a song that many people might not be familiar with. It’s a rap song that starts like dadada dadad dadadada, but the lyrics quickly change. Some people say it’s a call to arms, while others say it’s just a weird song.

No one really knows what the meaning behind the song is, but some people speculate that it could be about drug trafficking or something similar. Whatever the true meaning of the song may be, we can all agree that it’s an interesting listen!

Interpretations of the Song

There is no one definitive interpretation of the song. It could be interpreted in a wide variety of ways, some more likely than others. Here are a few possible interpretations:

1. The song is about a troubled relationship.
2. The song is about the speaker’s struggles with addiction or alcoholism.
3. The song is about the speaker’s anger and frustration.
4. The song is about the speaker’s nostalgia for a past time or relationship.
5. The song is about overcoming adversity.

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I know this song! It’s called “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves. If you don’t recognize it, that’s probably because it was a huge hit in the late 80s and early 90s. In any case, I thought you might be interested in learning a little bit about it. The song is about a young man who is trying to find his way in the world, and he starts out by walking on sunshine. Over time, he finds other things to enjoy in life, and eventually walks away from sunshine altogether. If you’re looking for a fun rap song to learn for your next karaoke night, “Walking on Sunshine” should definitely be at the top of your list.

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