is there a photo editor to make my picture look ghetto?

Hi, I’m your average middle class white boy. I have this funny picture of my friend acting quite ghetto and I would like to add some sparkling money signs and perhaps even adding a grill to her mouth. Is there an online photo editor that has some of these things?

just use paint…the getto way to make things look getto

Ghetto Photo Editor

Leaving aside the aesthetics of pop culture ‘ghetto’, almost any decent photo editing sotware can do what you want to do. I don’t know about online editors, which tend to do fairly simple and global stuff, but a program like ‘Gimp’ can easily do what you want and is free to download. There might be others.

You are really asking in the wrong forum. The question you have relates to graphic art and not photography. Just because it is a question involving an image and doing something to it doesn’t make it a photography question.


Source(s): Freelance commercial photographer

Yo, There is a photo editor that is called GHETTO. You can add grills, $ signs and Faco rings with the click of a MO F’n mouse.

Get a Life!!

Average middle class white boys need not be concerned with ghettos, especially if you are only looking to make fun. You should find a ghetto to visit and ask a ghetto citizen what they think would be funny to add to your photo.

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Try Photoshop for photo editing,

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