Is the book Tangerine by Edward Bloor a movie or becoming a movie?

I’v read the book and thought that it was really good. I think it would make a good movie.

Hey, I think it did become a movie…..I looked in Earth’s Biggest Movie Database….doesn’t say much about the movie, but it’s listed under Romance/Short from 2001.

Tangerine Novel Movie

No. Edward Bloor’s “Tangerine” has never been a movie, and no movie is planned. The confusion might be that there is a movie called “Tangerine,” but it’s not based on this book – it just happens to have the same title.

I heard from my English teacher that there was a movie, but it was absolutely terrible; worse than the Percy Jackson films or the Holes movie.

No it is only a book and i asked my teacher because we are reading it right now.

Source(s): My Teacher

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the book TANGERINE is awesome but IDK that it was going to be a movie. can’t wait to c it.

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