Is business law a hard class and compared to what makes it hard?

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Business Law can be difficult. The class often involves Case Studies and using laws to give opinion.
The opinion is often not clear-cut and somewhat debatable. Thus, we have the Appellate Courts
that may agree with or reverse decision of lower courts.

Though sometimes difficult, it can be a most useful course.

A Business Law class directed at Consumer Law can be extremely valuable to
individuals in their own lives and business affairs.

Source(s): My experience.

Business Law is a class where concepts build off of each other. Put differently, what you are learning in the first unit of the class will probably have a good deal of relevance in the last unit. While it certainly isn’t some easy humanities course, it is also far from impossible. Classes like advanced physics or differential equations are, generally, going to be significantly more difficult for the average student. Nonetheless, Business Law is not a class that I would recommend skipping often, if at all, and it does require studying if you hope to receive a grade of “A,” assuming the professor teaching the class knows what they are doing.

I managed to squeeze an “A-” out of the class at a good state school, and while I have had a good run as a student (3.65 GPA), I am by no means Einstein. Like the vast majority of upper level courses, your grade will most strongly reflect your effort. The formula for getting a good grade in Business Law is a pretty common one.

1.) Go to class
2.) Keep up on the readings
3.) Study for the exams

*When it comes to studying for the exams, I found that the most effective way to prepare for the class was to make an outline of key concepts. Your professor may even provide you with some type of study guide for the exams (many professors do that in business classes). If that is the case, print off the study guide, or open it up on your laptop/tablet, sit down at a table at the library, and write down every relevant thing on the study guide in a notebook. I did this, and I saw my test grades improve considerably.
The first test I took I got a 163/200 on, which I basically just showed up for without studying. After I studying in the manner that I described, my next three tests were 190/200, 179/200, and 184/200 respectively (just got done with the final last week).

Do the assignments (obviously) if there are any. Homework is basically a free grade. You can still live a decent college life with a semester full of classes like Business Law. You just need to make the effort to be consistent with your preparation, and you will most likely be just fine.

Is Business Law Hard

Law schools do not want to fill their classes with political science majors. … If you did well in a science major, you will find that law schools like that and it will … Business Majors: Marketing, not so impressive but if you have strong grades and ….. I’m having a really hard time choosing one because of people different opinions. ..

No it is not that hard as mentioned only the fundamentals are a must to know.

The only thing is, law is allot of studying you have to remember a ѕнι load read allot of books.
i.e. to other forms of law business law is quite boring and you will need some dedication to learn it.

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Break down the vocabulary and relate each word to a case example in your head. On the test you’ll be able to compare the questions versus the case examples you memorized. It’s just like Algebra, what rules do I apply for the problem at hand. Instead of Orders of operations it’s cases.

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That depends on your IQ.

If it is high (over 115).. you should have no problem. (the higher the better)
If your IQ is 89…. you are in for a MAJOR fail and dont let the pc police tell you otherwise. IQ is real and documented as a science.

It also depends on your brains natural ability to remember things. Not all brains have good memory retention and recall ability. If you find yourself forgetting facts as soon as you read them… you are going to be in trouble. Everybody forgets things…but strong brains forget less.

People told me “chemistry is hard”…but my IQ is over 130 So it was a breeze for me. I’ve never studied law but I probably could thrive in it if I try. That is a known 120+ IQ profession. The problem is my verbal skills arent up to par. Thats my weakest flaw. Verbal skills are what knock down my performance on intelligence tests.
So.. I wouldnt technically even dream of a law career for me.

nothing is hard.. if you have a high IQ.

Have your IQ tested and then research what the average IQ of a lawyer is in your field.

Yes I agree with what’s been said so far

Not that hard, once you have the basics the rest is gut feeling/intuition.
I loved Contract legislation.


I have never taken that class but i can imagine that it is a difficult course.

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