Is Little Busters a romance?

When I first looked into the Little Busters anime series, it was because: it was by Key, and also because it was classified under romance. However, as I invested more and more time into this series, I found no romance whatsoever.

Well, let me explain this to you.

The Little Busters visual novel is really different than the anime. JC Staff made a lot of changes, and they decided to remove all the romance in each character’s route, which is understandable otherwise everyone would be like “Wow, this guy(riki) is a manwh*re.” and it wouldn’t make sense. They are most likely saving the romance for one person, which is kinda obvious, but won’t say it since it’s still a spoiler. Also, Little Busters is pretty much focused on friendship, that’s why a lot of people who expected another Clannad were disappointed, but it should have some romance coming, but no one can know for sure how JC Staff will do it, so don’t count out romance yet.

>If not, I can’t really see it going anywhere, aside from maybe answering who is sending those mysterious letters to Rin.

It will go somewhere, trust me. They have put a lot of hints and are foreshadowing stuff. The best has yet to come. And if you’re wondering if it’ll happen in the next couple of episodes – it won’t. It’ll happen in season 2, which isn’t confirmed yet, but heavily implied.

It’s hard to say whether or not the anime will have romance in it. It depends on how JC Staff adapts it. If they do have romance, it will probably be with Rin.

Even so, don’t expect romance to become the focal point in the series. Even in the VN, romance took a backseat (compared to other Key novels at least) and friendship took the center stage.

Please don’t let that discourage you from continuing though. Little Busters isn’t known as Key’s greatest VN for nothing. The main story is about the “secret of the world” that everyone keeps talking about. I don’t know how to say anything more about it without spoiling you, but it’s what makes Little Busters amazing. So please stick around for Refrain!

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