Is it scarcer or more scarce?

Okay so Im writing an essay. My sentence says “Resources are becoming more scarce.” I know that the rule is if the word is one syllable than add -er, and if its more than one syllable put more in front. But “Resources are becoming scarcer” sounds bad. I don’t like it. However, I hate bad grammar. So help? D:

1. Oil and petroleum products 2. Ores and minerals 3. Timber and forests 4. Clear grazing land 5. Money 6. Labour 7. Natural gas 8. Freshwater 9. Solar energy 10. The air we breath

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1. Natural Gas 2. Freshwater (rain water and fresh lakes) 3. Oil and petroleum products 4. Money (notes and coins) 5. Timber and forests 6. Ores and minerals 7. Clear grazing land 8. Labour (people available to work) 9. The air we breathe 10. Solar energy Solar energy is more abundant the the air “we breath”. We could take everything out to the Moon. Fresh water is a bit scarce unless you count ice but seawater is a very abundant unlisted useful resource. And I just learnd Americans spell labor diffent then everyone else.

Answer 6

Either is correct, but scarcer is preferred.


Elle, very well explained! I entirely agree with what you have written.

“Scarcer” is in fact a grammatically correct adjective that is recognized by the English dictionary. However, it seems that most people write “more scarce” rather than “scarcer”… probably because it just simply sounds better. There are exceptions to many grammatical rules, and a lot of things are deemed grammatically correct when written in several different ways; it just comes down to a matter of personal preference.
I hope this helped! : )

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Answer 6

Either is correct, but scarcer is preferred.

Answer Prime

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