Is anyone else creeped out that Eustace and Muriel are obviously dead in courage the cowardly dog?

If you weren’t creeped out by Courage the cowardly dog enough already, listen to this I heard a little while ago…

Eustace Courage The Cowardly Dog

They didn’t die..Okay, this is technically the only time on the show where Muriel happens to meet a terrible fate like Eustace did. But how about all those other times that Eustace got himself into a tight spot that ended wit him not making it through all right? Have you forgotten about all the times that he died? There was the time he melted in The Snowman Cometh, the time he was sealed in King Ramses’ Tomb, the time that lynch mob went after him for trying to turn in a child that just looked like Bigfoot and wasn’t really Bigfoot, and possibly the ending to the Weremole episode. Eustace died plenty of times on the show, and in the next one, he’s perfectly fine..other shows had some grim endings, too, but they were all just fine in the next episode. You can’t just go around and think something up without researching what happened before.

I remember that episode. I think Muriel and Eustace are still alive though because it’s like they start fresh with each new episode. Maybe Courage found a way to change them back but we just didn’t see it. I really liked that cartoon. Does it come on anywhere anymore?

I remember that episode! Geez that takes this show’s creepiness to a whole new level. Well considering all the episodes that continued after that event, how did courage feed himself? I mean he lives in the middle of nowhere, how did he manage to find drinkable water and edible material to survive after such a long period of time since the death of his former owners? Sign well it is still a children’s show so they just say forget logic. Anyways, it was one of the best shows I’ve ever watched!

Well, all episodes of Courage The Cowardly Dog is stand-alone episodes and never cared to be too realistic. So they’re obviously alive the next episode. But I must agree that this episode is psychically disturbing to think about.

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It creeped me out, too. I used to catiously watch that show when I was younger. I remember there being a few episodes I didn’t like to watch because they were scary. lol

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I haven’t seen it for a while but at the time it did seem to kinda creep me out for whatever reason. And Eustace was a grouch.

Or its that ‘courage’ rarely gets out of the house which creates this mindset that everyone who enters the door is a predator waiting to attack on muriel.

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