Is acutrama a real word?

I have heard the word “acutrama” used in collegehumor youtube sketches and in the 40-year-old-vιʀԍιɴ, and from context one can gather it can be defined as “various accompanying objects,” but I can’t find the word itself in online dictionaries or on google. I don’t know how to spell the word, having only heard it before, but it sounds like “ah-KOO-troe-mah”

acoutrement is the spelling you are looking for, I believe it has French origins

accoutrement(s) is from French, but in English it can mean accessories, or like a soldier’s kit items, for example.

(In modern French, it means outlandish clothing.)

Source(s): bilingual, US EMT

i looked it up in my dictionary too and did searches on line it does not seem to be a valid word

I think it’s an abbreviation for accoutrement’s.

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