in spanish……What does the word “mida” mean?

mida = measure
Ex: “Mida una taza.”
“Measure one cup.”
it is in formal form

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Mida. I heard this word on a mixtape recently. I think it’s Puerto Rican slang. There’s many different Spanish dialects, if your Mexican you may not use the word on a reg.

Look In Spanish Mida

Mida is a verb conjugated in the Imperative Mood for ‘you’ singular.
Por favor, mida la habitacion.
Please, measure the room

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that word don’t exist why? because i’m mexican, maybe is MIRA it means look or
maybe you want to say mida of measure
spanish:porfavor señor mida la distancia
english:please mr. measure the distancy
okk byee saludos

Answer 6

mida means measure

Answer 7

usually when they say “mida”, they’re just saying mirar, which means look… it just comes out with the accent.

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In “yo” subjunctive mood
In “Él/Ella/Usted” subjunctive mood
In “Él/Ella/Usted” Imperative mood
I hope this helps

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Sorry but is the first time that I hear it. I m from Mexico, and there isn’t common. bye

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