What medium was used to create the mouth of hell painting, seen below?

What medium was used to create the mouth of hell portray, seen beneath?

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c.ink and tempera on vellum Rationalization: The ink and tempera on vellum was a very talked-about technique of portray within the early days of humanity, this in particular was created within the Roman interval, and belongs to the Romanesque artwork, the tempera is a quick drying paint created by the Romans with egg yolk and different pigments that lasts for hundreds of years, that’s the reason lots of their work have remained to at the present time.

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The medium that was used to create the Mouth of Hell portray, seen beneath is ink and tempera on vellum So the reply could be letter C . The tomb of Rudolf of Swabia, proven beneath, is an instance of a bronze tomb effigy.The Bayeux Tapestry is analogous in size to about three swimming swimming pools.

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